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£  40
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What you get with our Diagnostics Service

A company established for over 35 years, we have over 100 Years of knowledgeable experience at hand in the motor industry, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be worked on by skilled, fully trained mechanics and technicians.

Quality components/parts make all the difference in regards to reliability and safety. We use the best brands and lubricants at the lowest possible price points to ensure you and your vehicle get the best value for your hard earned money.

Nothing is more reassuring when you know your vehicle will be handled with the same TLC as you do.

See our reviews for confirmation - The People have spoken !

There are 3 main areas to consider when going down the route of vehicle diagnostics:
- Understanding the issue
- Systematic approach to narrowing down the cause of the issue
- Carrying out the repair & vehicle component retraining

  1. Understanding the issue - Knowing what type of issue you have is key to knowing the limitations of what vehicle diagnostics can resolve. The diagnostics machine is not a miracle worker... it requires an in-depth understanding of the vehicles electronics system and sensory data flows. The ECU of a vehicle controls and stores all these settings from your vehicle’s indicator lights all the way to the fuel injection flow control of the engine. There are many diagnostic technicians out there... BUT understanding the cause and effect of all the individual electronic components in a vehicle over the years, has given our mechanics the experience and expertise required to give you the best diagnostics possible.
  2. Systematic approach to narrowing down the cause of the issue - Many times when trouble shooting, you may hear advice from a number of different people. It is important that you can trust your regular garage to be honest with you and this is just what we do. We ensure the customer knows the full story and has all the decision-making tools at their disposal before any further money is spent on repairing the root cause of the issue.
  3. Carrying out the repair & vehicle component retraining - Once you have gone through a systematic approach to eliminating the multitude of possible causes and have diagnosed the most likely cause to be a faulty component/sensor, it is now time to replace it. In most cases the replacement of a faulty component can be done fairly easily (Loosely using the term "fairly easily"). Once the component has been replaced, we would then run the latest diagnostics machine again on your vehicle to then retrain the vehicles ECU to recognise the new component and to thus reset the error code and wipe it from memory.

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