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Whats Included in the Interin / Engine Service

At Everest Motors Ltd, a company established for over 35 years, we have over 100 Years of knowledgeable experience at hand in the motor industry, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be worked on by skilled, fully trained mechanics and technicians.

Quality components/parts make all the difference in regards to reliability and safety. We use the best brands and lubricants at the lowest possible price points to ensure you and your vehicle get the best value for your hard earned money.

Nothing is more reassuring when you know your vehicle will be handled with the same TLC as you do.

See our reviews for confirmation - The People have spoken !

As engine oil’s role is to keep all the moving parts inside of your engine moving and working correctly, over time it can collect dirt and start to become less efficient at its job, thus resulting in inefficient fuel consumption and wearing of components.

It is recommended that you change your engine oil every 5,000 miles – but if you drive a lot, or in challenging conditions, it’s worth changing it at 3,000 miles.

Designed to protect your engine from dangerous contaminants from entering/re-entering your engine, an oil filter is a vital component. Our range includes replacements for all types of vehicles.

Unfiltered oil can, over time, develop hard and harmful particles, and the last thing you want is for them to pass through an old or broken oil filter, inflicting lasting damage on your engine. It is recommended that you change your oil filter every 5,000 miles or so, but be aware that only certain filters work with certain cars - the wrong ones can cause leaks and sometimes irreversible damage.

Air filters prevent dirt and other materials from getting into vehicles’ engines, and should be changed or services annually to ensure trouble-free engine function.

Forgetting to change or service the air filters on your car can cause airborne debris such as leaves and dust find their way into the engine, in particular the cylinders. This grime can then mix with the oil, which, when moved around the engine, can slowly wear away engine components due to its abrasive nature. If left for a while, a clogged and useless air filter can cause serious damage to your engine, reducing its performance and costing you more money than the cost of a filter.

The purpose of fuel filters is to stop dirt and debris from getting into your engine and contaminating your fuel supply.

Your car’s performance depends on a finely balanced mix of air and clean fuel. By keeping dirt at bay, your car’s fuel filters play a vital role in your car’s health and efficiency. Dirty, blocked, or worn fuel filters will compromise your car's performance. Failure to filter out dirt and debris could clog your fuel injectors and carburettor. This in turn could lead to damage and the need for costly repairs or replacement parts.

Please Note: Some of the newer petrol vehicles have a lifetime filter and do not need to be changed. However, diesel vehicles do require filter changes on a regular basis. You will be consulted by the Everest Motors Team on this if your vehicle requires a change. 

Spark Plugs

There 2 types of spark plugs, Standard and Platinum.

Spark plugs are one of the more important elements of the engine service as it is a component that is directly involved with the combustion of the fuel that drives your vehicle. Un-serviced spark plugs can result in failure to start, misfiring, over fuel consumption, Winter/cold start problems and possibly emissions failure on your MOT. It’s fairly common for your spark plugs to fail over time, especially if they’ve not been replaced recently. In fact, it’s good practice to replace them with every service to ensure your vehicle stays in tip top (and most importantly of all) functioning shape.

Standard spark plugs should be replaced on average every 10,000 miles.
Platinum Spark plugs should be changed on average every 50,000 - 60,000 miles.


Once the temperature starts to fall, the antifreeze in the coolant stops the water from freezing and causing irreparable damage to the engine itself. it also has a higher rate of heat transfer to allow the heat generated by the engines combustion to be carried away to the radiators so that it can be cooled down before recirculating.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is used throughout the vehicles braking circulatory system and is important to ensure that the level is correct which ensures the components that use the fluid have sufficient levels to operate correctly

Screen Wash

Screen wash in a lot of cases is always over looked however it is very important that you are able to clear your windscreen of any dirt that could obstruct your visibility of the road and hence why it is important that you washer jets have an ample supply of washer fluid to remove the inconvenience. 

The Interim/engine service is NOT an inspection service. It is just that,
a interim engine service = a half way point service (3000 - 6000 miles) between each FULL SERVICE.

And therefore we do not go in depth into the engine bay compartment as this service is more localised around the servicing components in question.

However, IF we do see something that is of concern or requires your attention we will report the concern to you for your & passengers safety and the wellbeing of the vehicle.

"   Went for an MOT, had never been to this garage before. Found it via google and went based upon people's reviews, and I was not disappointed. Fantastic service, great people That actually care about helping you rather then looking for a cheap fix an making money off of you. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!  "

" I highly recommend Everest. Friendly staff, always offer you a tea or coffee, they know what they're doing, have great knowledge about any car related issue and are always so helpful. A couple of years ago, my cousin drove down to mine and got a flat tyre on the way. We went to Everest and they sorted it out real quick - he was so impressed with the level of care and service he received. In an area where's there quite a few garages, Everest is outstanding and stands head and shoulders above the competition. "

" I've been using them for around 15 years and they've never let me down. Always a top quality professional service at competitive prices. It's not easy to find reliable garages these days but Everest Motors are without doubt, the best in East London. "

"   The guys at Everest Motors have serviced and maintained my cars since the 90's.
They provide honest opinions and solutions to any issues. Any quotes given are always comprehensive and more importantly accurate. They can normally foresee possible complications that may arise with the work involved and will include this information but If there should be any additions discovered when progressing the work then I am contacted to authorise this before they continue.
Any work required is explained and justified in simple terms so I am always confident it is actually needed.
The quotes are competitively priced and they only use quality replacement parts.
The extra services on offer such as the annual MOT/Car Service reminders by text are as welcome as the tea and coffee when visiting the garage.
Steve heads up the team of mechanics ensuring quality workmanship every time.   "

"   Having moved into the area recently where its littered with garages, so having to find a reliable garage can be quite a daunting experience - abit like trying to do your weekly shop when you are super hungry, but spoilt for choice.

So thanks to the previous customers who have contributed, I chose them for renewal of my MOT.

To cut the story short, they committed to solving problems I had with some areas on the MOT, which went above and beyond my expectations as an uneducated customer.

I am so glad that I have found a garage that I can trust, and would highly recommend their service to anyone who wants good value for outstanding service.   "

"   As a female driver I have always been quite weary of taking my car to the mechanics, so coming across this garage was a blessing, I haven't needed to go elsewhere. The team at Everest have always given me great customer service, fair quotes , friendly, honest advice - they even delivered and fitted a car battery at my home within a few hours of me explaining my woes. I get a courtesy call when my MOT is about to expire and they check my tyre pressures, fluids etc when I pass by before doing a long journey. For all these reasons, I have used this garage solely for the last 10 years. I highly recommend this team of professionals! Thank you guys :-)   "

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